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Be Fit in Every Way
With Facefit

The Facefit is the first chewing exercise product that directly trains the masticatory muscles. The human jaw is designed to chew on hard things in order to adapt to regular stress, put a certain force on the jaw muscles and thereby build them up. This simulates a natural training effect but cannot be achieved by simply chewing gum.

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Chewing Exercise with Facfit

The chewing exercise with the Facefit activates all of the muscles necessary to close the jaw and works in harmony with your TMJ muscles. The result is much better chewing habits and a dramatic improvement in your jawline.


How it works?

In order to get the best results, we recommend starting with a 2-day training session, then 1 day break. The whole training session should take you around 10 minutes a day. 3-5 sets of exercises must be performed during one training session. Be sure you take a full break of at least 1-2 minutes between each set. Rinse Facefit in water or mouthwash before placing it into your mouth.


Total Tranformation with Facefit Kit.

In just minutes a day, FaceFit will uncover lost angles in your face that are hiding under thick layers of fat.

By incorporating Facefit training and workout into your overall fitness program, you can break the belief that your face is set by genetics.

The Facefit fits over your nose, perfects your cheekbones, creates a chiseled jaw and well-defined chin and jaw line.


To Train This


Use Facefit Kit


To Get a Jaw like this

Product Manual

Facefit Instruction

Wash both units with warm water and put Facefit on the back teeth, one on each side. Your last 2-3 teeth in the back of your mouth is the proper placement.

Squeeze fully, hold for 1 second, release. Repeat this motion for around 2 minutes. Your masseter muscles will get tired.

Squeeze fast without hold 40 – 50 times. Do not forget to breathe properly during the exercise.

Squeeze and hold for 30 seconds. Then take a 1 minute break. This is your one set. Do a total of 3-5 sets per day.

After you have gone through 3-5 sets rinse your Facefit again and put back in the box.

Once you get used to the recommended routine you can safely deviate and chew how you see fit for your preference.

Take picture everyday to see the difference.
By applying intensity, focus, motivation, and consistency you can reach the best version of yourself.

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